Guess who’s back? Back again…

hiiiiiii. 🙂

I’m back,

back on instagram, snapchat, my website, etc.


What else is new, right?

I took a long break because I felt I wore myself out in every way towards fitness.

& BELIEVE ME, I never thought I would ever say that but damn it’s true. I was just over it.

I find that if you don’t introduce something in your life right you can easily burn yourself out, with anything!

I dedicated my life to fitness & health at a VERY early age after seeing my family take the opposite route and ruin their lives through drugs, alcohol & tradgedy (and I have mentioned this in PLENTY of posts the whole story so you can read that here or here, i’m completely transparent about it).

I missed out on a lot of things growing up, things i’ve always wanted to do because I was so focused on being the perfect example and living my life totally opposite from my parents, almost like I’ve always wanted that applause from them that i’m just never going to get, ya know?

To be honest, going so hard in the gym, diet & in life for so many years, doing the same thing every week I just felt WORE OUT and wanting a long break. So I took summer off from everything. Almost like a vacation in a way?

Before summer I also had been working in the gym and it went VERY VERY sour after issues with management and it put that much more of a bad taste in my mouth about the whole fitness career that I had been on for so long.

Long story short, summer was a blast, (maybe i’ll do a full post on it? lol) now this undeniable feeling of WORK has crept in and all I want to do is get back to my site and figure out what’s NEXT.

I’m wanting to be as OPEN as possible about this entire process.

It’s 110% okay to want a break.

It’s also 110% okay to come right back where you left off and get back to work if that’s what you desire!

My passion for this website hasn’t gone anywhere and all I want to do is SHARE this journey and keep inspiring those who I know I have helped!

I already know what kind of workouts I want to incorporate (ALL NEW).

This summer I’ve just focused on diet and completely retired the gym so going back to workouts is going to be tough starting from the bottom but i’m extremely excited to see changes in my body, mood & energy.

I’m still eating the SAME supplements to help hit my goals– i’m totally obsessed with these products and have been taking them for over a year now.

Can’t wait to share with you more!

I’m excited for this new BALANCE of fitness & fun. Who else?

For now I’m going to wash off my face mask & drink my blood orange iced tea. 😉




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