1 Min Healthy Breakfast Idea

Let’s talk about FOOD.

Let’s talk about food that’s EASY to make , ’cause who has the time?


This girl can EAT let me tell ya. I’m very much all about things that are easy to clean and take very little time at all. I’m always on the go so eating out is almost always my way to go but I’m trying VERY hard to budget my money better and eating most of my meals at home is how it’s going to happen. Right? Lord help me.


I have to start with sharing EGG WHITE BITES!

I can’t lie, I had this idea from STARBUCKS ! Starbucks sells the most perfect egg white bites I’ve ever tasted in my life. For nearly $5 (ouch) they give you two super small yet insanely tasty egg white bites and I’m OBSESSED. I even have my boyfriend hooked on them.

I drizzle sriracha sauce on top and go to town – it’s ridiculous I tell you.

They are low calorie, meat free, and loaded with protein – THE perfect snack !

Since they are just not cost effective to have on a daily basis and usually Starbucks is always out of them when I really need them I decided to make my own.

So I googled the first recipe I could find and used this recipe as inspo yet definitely tweaked mine and I’ll list what I did exactly below 😊 :

•3 Cups Egg Whites (I used All Whites green container)

•3 Full Eggs

• 2 Tsp Almond Milk

• A generous shake of Parsley

• Generous shake of Trader Joe’s All Purpose Savory Seasoning Salt

Whisk it all together in bowl

Then I sliced a quarter of an red onion, entire red bell pepper, some mushroom & a generous amount of feta cheese which I sprinkled a bit of each at the bottom of every muffin tin before I poured over the egg whites !!

Of course don’t forget to coat the muffin tins with oil (I used coconut oil spray from Trader Joe’s).

You guys, this ended up being SO good.

I love finding new recipes ❤️ let me know if you try this & if you enjoyed.



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