Well, Hi, I really never left if you want to get specific but really I’m back with a whole new “vibe” if you will allow. LOL.

I’ve been really focused the last few months PODCASTING! My bf and I started our very own podcast called “The Naked Wheelie Podcast” and it has really taken all my attention to grow it from literally the ground up. I’m serious though, we started the podcast recording on our phone in the closet on the floor to now traveling all over the country podcasting with brands, well known athletes, working with Harley Davidson stores, and hosting events! The podcast is a total passion and I’ve had so much fun with it.

If you are interested in hearing more on that click here babes:

Oh and maybe a huge question you may be thinking is WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON.

My bf is a professional Harley stunt rider and we did a crazy stunt naked and voila:



Lone behold! There we are in the flesh…naked and wheeling!

Since the pic went viral and our relationship became a point of interest to a lot of people we decided to take our lovely qualities and personality into a podcast. I’m obviously much of the computer work and he is more of the creative. Long story short we work well together.

Greenjuiceandyogapants was still sitting in my head and my love for fitness and beauty is still huge so I figured I’d still continue to share! Why not right?

Expect to see a lot more BEAUTY UPDATES!



for now,




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