Amanda Hailey

Bio: Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I'm Amanda, 21 years old, living in sunny California. Health and Fitness is my niche. I'm a strong believer in mindfulness & positivity and the role they play in overall health and you will notice that through my posts. My goal is to spread the idea that you can have whatever you want. I want everyone to know that a healthy lifestyle is key to being as happy as possible. I want to create a positive place where people can come and visit, leaving feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to kick ass. I'm studying full time to get my degree in Science & Nutrition and plan to become a certified Personal Trainer by February of 2017 through NASM. During the long school semesters I am also working on my own workout regime, beauty hacks, how to stay healthy and sane, and learning anything else I can on the side! Working out, eating healthy, staying glam, and positive is possible for whoever you are/wherever you are and you can make it fun. For nutrition advice, fun up-beat workouts, & motivational posts-- Consider me your new bff, let's chat! I will be posting every other day. S T A Y T U N E D ❤ FIND ME ON YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, AND SNAPCHAT!

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