Friends vs Faux Friends

Well hellllooooooooooo there!

Is anyone there?

I feel like it’s been ages since i’ve had time to sit and write on the blog.

However, something has been weighing on me & I’d thought I’d share.

Let’s talk about,


you know, the people you spend all your time with,trust, love, share experiences with- YOU BECOME LIKE THESE PEOPLE WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT.

I want you to think of the 5 closest people you have in your life right now. You have them in your head? Ok good. Now think of them and their lives- what do they have going for them? How do they treat people? How do they treat themselves?

You become like the people you spend the most time with.

If that doesn’t motivate you to have some badasses around ya I’m not sure what will.


your influence should inspire you to be the person you want to be.

Now hey, I am NOT saying to go break up with all your friends right this second. I just want to pass along to you that it is important for you to carefully choose who you hang with. If your ‘friends’ BRING YOU DOWN in any way, shape or form maybe it’s just time to spend less & less time with them so THEY can grow and YOU can grow as well. Right? It’s a win, win really.

So where is this coming from?

My own experience of course. I am notttttttt perfect when it comes to picking my own circle of influence. I say “picking” because we honestly choose who we meet and spend time with just by how we are thinking and spending our own time.

& I’d really like to consider myself a positive and motivating person that only attracts the same type of people in my life but I’d be lying. Again, NOT PERFECT!

My judge of character radar has been OFFFFFFF before lemme tell ya!

The good thing is, I have no problem cutting people off. It’s just because my life means THAT much to me.

I just don’t have time for people that bring me down.

I’m opening up to you because it’s OKAY.

Life is all about learning & growing. I LOVE IT.

Mistakes are everything! People come and go in our lives for PERFECT reasons. Bye Felicia!

Now I am the type of person who has had the same friends my whole life. I’m seriously NOT kidding. I have had the same friends since 2nd grade. Rare right? I’ve always thought it was weird when people would have new bffs every month in high school because my group of friends was SO steady.

I got lucky. Those same friends still motivate the crap out of me. Love ya’ll!

However, we leave school and go out into the ‘real world’ and meet LOTS of new people.

& at first it’s like a HONEYMOON stage!

Ahhh, the honeymoon stage, you know- when everything seems perfect and you think this person is the BEES KNEES & you just love them so much & nothing could ever possibly go wrong. HA!

I’m the WORST at this. New friends are my favorite and I just love and trust them soooo much very quickly. Anyone else?

I’m a people LOVERRR. ❤

Alllllways looking for the best in everyone, overlooking the red flags!

I forget to look at them and analyze the situation as a whole- is this person benefiting me in multiple ways? 

Now before you think that question is a little egocentric,

it’s YOUR LIFE. You only get one shot, it’s okay to be picky on who you spend a lot of your time with.



Do they inspire you?

Do they motivate you?

How do they talk about their other friends?

How do they talk about themselves?

What does your family/other friends think of them?

Are they influencing you to do things or say things you typically wouldn’t?


Now whyyyy does this even matter?

Because you are going to become like this person.

& you KNOW the person you want to become.

( & if you don’t know who you want to become, is it like them? Or not? )


Be around the people you want to be like. ❤

BFFS – Mentors – Family – Friends

Your circle of influence is

E V E R Y T H I N G.

I’d rather have no friends, than ones who take me off track and pull me down.

Especially at young ages, we are figuring life out, shooting for our goals, doing our best as is. We don’t have time to be pulled down or off track in any way. Nobody has time for that!

Who agrees?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Say HELLO to your best self with the January 30 day challenge!

Happy new year babes!

The theme of 2018 for GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS  is NO TIME FOR bullshit.

I need REAL.

Ya feel me?

Like, let’s leave all of the crap weighing us down in 2017 and move into our BEST selves, lives, bodies, health & attitudes.

Time is running out to be anything other than exactly who you WANT to be, where you want to be & WITH who you want to be with.

I’m not talking new year, new me. YAWN.

I’m talking ENOUGH with the excuses, enough wasting energy on people and things that are out of your control & enough with the facade that things are to be perfect all the time.

To say BUH-BYE to the excuses i’m hosting a 30-day challenge. It begins January 1st and ends January 31st.

This challenge is about giving yourself the best in everyway. I want to challenge you to eat good food, eat often, exercise regularly, listen to personal development, think positive about yourself & find ways to enjoy the process of becoming healthy and happy.

Just 30 days. Everything you got.

If you do this, there’s 99.9999999999999% chance you will never want to go back to any other way of living.

This is EXACTLY how I want to start 2018 (yeah you bet your bottom i’m doing this challenge too) & I really want to do it with YOU.

I’m setting the intention now, that 2018 will be super powerful! A year of being very real about how I want my life to be and focusing on only the things that are helping me rather than hurting me.

What you focus on comes to be.

So let’s focus on the BEST version of US.

Are you in?


Challenge details:

  • Jan 1st-31st / Deadline to join is January 7th
  • $20 to join
  • OR $40 to join and recieve a 3-day trial of my favorite meal replacement shakes & vitamins that help boost metabolism and give amazing energy
  • Comes with meal guide, snack guide, grocery guide, workouts & 24-7 chat with me
  • Access to secret Facebook group with tons of tips and support
  • 4 winners will recieve $500 cash



I’m going to be making blog posts FREQUENTLY for those in the challenge- supportive, motivational, informative & fitness related posts to keep everyone movin’ and pumped up. So keep an eye out for those!!

I’m doing this challenge with you so this is just as exciting for me!!

I’m stoked to see your end result and can’t wait to help you get there.

COMMENT BELOW “I’M READY” if you want to join.



The BEST Facial in Folsom (walk away with hydrated, glowing and LIFTED skin) 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

A day getting pampered is a day well spent.

Who agrees?

Now I am not the biggest beauty guru in the world because I live in workout clothes training clients most of the day & my beauty routine is STUPID SIMPLE, minimal makeup and a good spray tan is all I need really in order to feel set.

I have only gotten TWO facials in my entire life and one was over the weekend. Being a fitness enthusiast, health in every aspect is pretty important to me, so I really picked the estheticians brain and am spilling all the skin care secrets!

OUR FACE IS EVERYTHING, is it not? So this post is probably one of my favorite posts i’ve done.

There’s something so therapeutic about being touched or beautified rather, at least that’s what Parisa Zandi, owner of Skinique Studio Suites in Folsom, & I think.

I spent quite a few hours with Parisa as she transformed my skin COMPLETELY.

We are talking DEEP exfoliation, oil stripping, dermabrasion, oxygen infusion, red light therapy and MORE (don’t worry i’ll give you all the details AND a video below).

Can I just start by saying, IT FELT SO GOOD.

I’m constantly going, going, going so just laying in a super dark room with sea salt lamps, essential oils & meditative music was already amazing so to add a complete facial I was 100000000000% content!!

Facials are a DEEP cleaning of the skin– not an everyday thing obviously. Your esthetician will spend sometimes over an HOUR cleaning your face which is AMAZING when we are around so many toxins outside and constantly putting gunk on our faces.

This facial sucked all the bad stuff out of my skin & if you don’t believe me just WATCH!


Parisa Zandi is the owner of Skinique studio in Folsom & an incredible esthetician,

I ask Parisa,

WHY should people be getting facials? (3:33)

WHAT do you recommend people do at home on a regular basis to keep their skin in tip top shape? (4:00)

HOW is the Oxygen facial different from others and what does it do? (4:38)

HOW my face was lifted NATURALLY (5:00)


 You already know how into HEALTH I am so this really opened my mind to how important SKIN CARE really is. I believe skin has a lot to do with how you feed yourself, yes, yet we also have so many other things we can do to perk up the skin.

In this modern world we live in, it’s INSANE how many awesome and natural ways there is now to oxygenate, hydrate, clean & LIFT your skin with NO surgery!!

By the time I walked out of there I was glowing!!

This type of facial is something Parisa highly recommends doing a few days before a big event because your skin will be looking FLAWLESS.

I will definitely be doing facials regularly at this salon.

 Thank you so much Skinique studio.

Who LOVES getting facials?

Tell me your favorite!!




Greetings love bugs!


Here I am, writing from my cozy grandparents home in Carmel Valley, with Rocco (my adorable Italian Greyhound pup) nestled between my legs & sipping a hot cup of tea that is ROCKING MY WORLD. Ahh, I’m really LOVING this whole situation and since I have arrived into town on Thursday (Thanksgiving) I have been trying to enjoy every moment of being here with my family and friends.

This trip has been ONE-OF-A-KIND.

I had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with my most loved family followed by a Friday full of beach fun! When it comes to vacation, YES, spending time with the family is a priority. I STILL though need to have some self-care time & for me that is breaking a sweat.

Heading to the gym in a different place is just too much of a hassle for me when I only have 40 minutes of free time, ya feel me? It takes me way too long to check in (sometimes I have to even pay, eww) & become situated and familiarized with the equipment. I thought, “I’m in CARMEL, hanging out at the beach so I’m going to utilize the sand as my one piece of equipment and get an incredible workout in!!” Let me just tell you, WOW, my buns are still burning and just thinking about that workout makes me happy- it was SO fun & only took maybe 20 minutes.

I’m pretty infamous for working out where ever I can. Getting my heart rate up works my mood in a way no amount of caffeine ever could. I know that if I am everrrr in a funk I just need a good pump & like magic I’m a new woman. Anyone else?

During this beach workout I only did 5 different movements for one round and was dying. The reason I got in such a good workout so quickly is because I ended with UPHILL sprints in the sand. Because of the uphill sprints it really boosted my workout to one of the hardest I’ve ever done. When I saw the sandy hills I knew I had to conquer them. The best part? My puppy did it with me *cue happy tears* (If you don’t have an uphill area I would just do regular sprints in the dry sandy part of the beach so it is more difficult)!

So let’s break this down a bit:

💪First exercise :


TILL FAILUE (such an awesome warm up)

Make sure you bring yourself all the way down to the ground or sand and explode up!



NO girl push ups here, instead lower your body all the way down to the floor from plank position (elbows pointing down) & then bring your body all the way up starting with your upper body & then picking your legs up last. This style of modified push ups will train you to do an actual push-up.



These are intense. Make sure you keep your hips low, core tight & squeeze your obliques down as you move your knee to elbow. You can also just do these stationary as an Ab exercise (standing or in plank) you’ll just get more cardio when you move around.



This was a new exercise for me and I ended up really loving it! It’s a great move to get some core work and leg work while also getting a ton of cardio in. Stay super low in your plank, shoulder blades out, suck your belly button in to activate your core and then JUMP into a low squat hold. Fun, right?



Just important to make sure your front knee doesn’t come over your ankle!! You can also just shuffle hop here if a complete jump is a bit too much for ya.



Now this one is a kicker if you really want a challenge. This exercise is ADVANCED, VERY VERY TOUGH yet sooooooooo effective. Sprints alone are an insane fat burning move , add SAND & a HILL into the mix and you have yourself a very intense workout that will have you begging yourself for mercy. CAUTION.

So let me know if you try this and how it goes!

Off to drink more tea & snuggle the pup- I’m in need of 13438753829749283901 hours of sleep.



What is being faithful?

Faith. Church. God. Jesus. Prayer.

When you hear those words to you feel a little out-of-place, confused or maybe feel nothing at all?

If so, perfect, this post might just be for you.

By NO means am I some sort of SAINT or Jesus-know-it-all that is writing this post so you will convert yourself.


I just want to share my own personal testimony & show how faithfulness and knowing God does not have to be so weird & unknown after all and how it makes me feel.

If you feel like something is missing or lacking in your life there is a huge chance it’s LOVE.

I have felt a lack for a LONG time. I always felt like I needed something or someONE to fill it, and usually I would run to a boyfriend.

The boyfriend helped a lot. Till things would go wrong, then I would feel so LOST & ALONE and like I had NOTHING else.

Everyone just wants to be loved. We really do. I feel like all the hate we see in the world just stems from people who have such a LACK of love in their life. Maybe their parents died at a young age or their bf or gf treated them terribly- that lack of love leaves a GAPING hole that is almost never filled the same.

My parents have not been in my life since I was 12 years old and that has left me with a GAPING hole. Till I found LOVE to fill that void in myself.

Here’s the crazy thing though- we are all LOVED. We are loved so much by Jesus!


I know this is the part where some people might click out of here and think “ok yea Jesus loves me- i’m sure” or maybe this just hearing this makes you downright UNCOMFORTABLE, I get it! NOTHING is ever 100% comfortable at first so give this a chance , ok?

2017 years ago a man named JESUS came to earth through a VIRGIN named Mary (and if you haven’t read up on my LOVE for Mary please do // click here), he performed insane miracles that are simply unexplainable & he died in the most gruesome and sad way at only 30 years old for our SINS.

Why in the HECK did he do this?

To wake our asses up!

Jesus came to show us why we are HERE on earth and what awaits us.

I know that YOU have been through some stuff in your life and some of it has HURT, me too.

I know that life doesn’t always make sense and can sometimes feel so lonely and dark, TRUST ME I’M GOING THROUGH IT.

I KNOW you are dying to feel a real love.

The love from God cannot come from a boyfriend, it cannot come from your family or friends.

The love of God comes from within you, you have to search for it or ask for it, if you will.

Once you ask for this love you may become FLOODED with love & happiness.

It might happen instantly or it might happen in a series of events that come into your life.

Once you feel God’s love your PURPOSE in life becomes clear , the junk clouding your thoughts and environment will not be attractive to you anymore. Your life becomes INVIGORATED with LOVE, LIGHT & TRUE PURPOSE when you ask for more of it.

Once you feel this love, life just isn’t confusing anymore, things that used to stress me out don’t mean a thing.

Boredom becomes a time to sit in prayer and meditation rather than becoming antsy and uncomfortable.

I’m now THANKFUL for hardships in my life because they have PURPOSE and meaning which will make me stronger and move me along my path in life.

With God I feel like a STRONG woman with a MAD purpose in life.

Without God, I’m constantly relying on other things to fill my love and purpose which always let me down.

Figure out YOU are in charge of everything that happens to you, YOU create your happiness, YOU determine your future, YOU make the calls & YOU have everything you need RIGHT inside of you.

How I started? I just sat down and said a prayer.

How to do that?

Close your eyes,


Ask God, with all your heart,


& say whatever else is on your mind.

You wont be sorry. ❤





Just a few of my favorite things… WHAT’S NEW | FITNESS FAVORITES | TIPS

Hey, Hiii, Heller.

Hooooooly moly!!

It has been too long since I have just SAT down to write something.

Actually, that’s a lie. I have been writing- just in a good ol’ fashioned note-book, not the computer. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and soul searching. 

There have been SOO many recent changes in my life so it has taken me on a complete whirlwind & I have been settling into my new routines, however, I AM BACK IN ACTION BABY.

Sometimes you have to just ride the waves of life… the ups and the downs will get you stuck for a minute but it’s all about how ya keep swimming towards your goals that separates you from the rest. Right? 😉

Ok ok, enough of the quoting & more of the TIPS- the reason why YOUR pretty face is here on this screen!!!

I’m just going to fill you in on a little bit of everything.


My recent fitness routine, nutrition plan & extra fit tips, letting you know what is REALLY working for me and what is REALLY not working for me in these last months.


Let’s start with FITNESS REGIME. Yum.

So I recently got down to the nitty-gritty on WHY I workout. I feel like everything you do needs a really good WHY in order to keep you going. Like, WHYYY it is you do what you do. Agree?

I workout because my mood completely changes. I can be in the WORST most tired, grimy, sad, annoyed & mad mood and then workout and be a brand NEW happy and energized person. I’m just being REAL, my mood can SUCK a lot of the times. I’m not sure why my mood can suck so bad but it gets really bad sometimes. The ONLY thing I have found that really helps is chocolate (HAHA CAN’T HAVE THAT ALL THE TIME) & then getting exercise in. Any sort of exercise or movement does the trick. I can do an at home workout, yoga, Pilates, walk with the dog or a hardcore gym workout and have the same FEEL GOOD effect. It’s INCREDIBLE. Ok, so that is my WHY.

Now what is it I’m LOVING lately?

QUICK (25-45 MINS)







I like quick 30 minute workouts because YOU DON’T NEED ANYMORE. I take little to NO rest and go as hard as I can. I don’t know, I guess I find MAJOR peace when I push myself so hard that everything going on in my life & around me FREEZES and mutes, then absolutely nothing else matters except what i’m doing in that moment. BLISSSSSSSS. I strive for that ecstasy in every single workout!

30 minutes works for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally be in the gym longer but I just DON’T have time these days.

The truth is, you can get an insanely great workout in an hour or less anyways, just be mindful of how you spend your time (good form, mind-muscle connection & telling yourself YOU CAN instead letting the negative voice win).

I train full-time at Fitness Evolution and all we practice is High Intensity Interval Training with FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS.

HIIT is working station-to-station /or workout-to-workout back-to-back for a period of time. Functional training works all the functional movement patters (vertical & horizontal pressing, dead lifting/hip-hinge, core & more) that helps with balance, agility, power, stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, accuracy & coordination. Basically before this style training I could barely catch ANYTHING that was thrown at me and now I even surprise myself when I can easily catch something someone tosses at me. Also I can RUN better!! That’s right, I never step foot on a treadmill while training & I can now do 3 miles with ease as a WARM UP. Functional training SAVED me- it saves my form (my form has never looked better), it saves me time (only 25-45 minutes and gets the job DONE every time) & it saves my functionality as a HUMAN- I just feel GOOD.

*I will be making a video of my favorite workouts soon so stay tuned!!*



This is where I get a little mooore passionate. Good nutrition is everything.

You can not out work a bad diet.

Does that make sense?!

What you eat is what you AREEEEE.

Suffer from acne? Bloated all the time? Tired all day? Negative 24-7? Feeling YUCKY? Well take note of what you eat. What’s it made of? Is it fake? Is it full of nutrients? What is your FOOD doing for you? Is it full of complex carbs & the right amount? Is it high in protein so your body can rebuild itself? Do you have enough healthy fat & fiber? Do you have enough vitamins? Do you drink enough water? Like the list goes onnnnnnnnnnn & it’s all SO SO dang important!!

This is why I think having a COACH is so important. Someone who does all this work for you & also keeps tabs on you till you get it down, so efficient right? Like please & thank you! Shout out to my coach which you can read all about here (how I found her, what I’m doing & how you can do it too). 

I’m all about SIMPLE, so my routine includes meal replacement shakes (plant-based & super tasty), 3-second snacks, lot’s of tea instead of coffee (yes that’s right I have found something BETTER than coffee), gallon of H20 & PERFECT MEALS (complex carbs, veggies & lean protein). Not going to lie, lately I have been really into microwaveable veggies and rice because ya gotta do what ya gotta do!




As if there is not enough new changes I added a little puppy to the mix. Yeah, a flippin’ PUPPY. That is another blog post in itself so i’ll keep it short & sweet. I have an Italian Greyhound and he is more energetic than I am. Yiiikes.

His name is Rocco & he is a sweetie pie. He loves to chew on sweaty socks & to snuggle in a sea of blankets.

FYI- this breed is insanely hyper, which means in order for him to behave I have to take him to get soooo much exercise.

I actually really want to get him involved in agility races, thoughts??

Rocco has OPENED my eyes to how important it is to get my STEPS in. I used to never think about getting steps in & after doing so my life is so much better!!

I’ve been using the health app on my iPhone (which everyone has who has an iPhone) to count my steps. I shoot for 10,000 steps a day now which is about 4 miles. WOW. Life changing. Not only is Rocco super tired & happy after our walks but I also feel CRAZY GOOD. At first I was even SORE, so I know how beneficial it is to just move around (why did I not think about this before?😭).

I love an excuse to get outside and taking my pup is the PERFECT one. Who else is into long walks with the pup?!



I’m glad I got to catch up with you. I will definitely be going more in-depth with all of these tips & my routine, 

for now I just wanted to just recap everything because It’s been a minute. ❤️❤️

Ta-ta for now.

Off now snuggle the pooch and drink some CALM tea. I’m up at about 4:45am to teach the morning classes.

Follow me on instagram stories to see it all.

@greenjuiceandyogapants 💚







Finding MEANING in the STORMS OF LIFE ❤️

Today was a rather different day for me in the best way. I woke up at around 7am and immediately cracked open a book and sat outside. It’s almost midnight now and I just finished the book (!!!) .

I feel so refreshed and happy. I spent an entire day reading and journaling just trying to make sense of things in my life and to detach from social media as well.

To be very honest with you, I have been extra MIA lately just to kind of BREATHE & accept things that are happening in my life (not quite ready to open up about too much right now). 

I wasn’t prepared for certain events to take place recently but sometimes things happen- we change or events in our life don’t make sense or we just kind of feel lost and it tends to happen abruptly.

So I’ve been dealing with ME & giving myself some extra TLC because I am NEEDING it.
I knew I needed to just burry my mind in a book today, so the book I have been obsessively reading ALL DAY is called, “Everything Happens For A Reason” by Mira Kirshenbaum.

It’s actually pretty ironic that I even gave this book a shot because usually I cannot STAND the saying, everything happens for a reason. 

I’ve hated that saying for years because of tradedy in my family & I thought that “no way can terrible things happen & have a good meaning to them” it just didn’t seem FAIR.

However, this book was gifted to me by my sweet grandma and I had just plopped it on the shelve, for months now the book has just been collecting dust.

For whatever reason, with the way my life is going lately I just kind of thought “what the hell” and gave it a shot, to my surprise I was CAPTIVATED right away by Kirshenbaum’s writing & thus 8 hours later here I am writing a blog post about it…

My thoughts? Well YES everything tragic, awful, life changing that may happen does happen for some reason and it ALWAYS brings us closer to our most true & AUTHENTIC self.

I love this book because Kirshenbaum is a total boss babe, daughter of HOLLOCAUST SURVIVORS, an amazing therapist & has the most beautiful stories to back up every point she makes. Kirshenbaum keeps it REAL & I love it!


Kirshenbaum BROKE IT DOWN & says,


Everything happens to you for one or more of these ten reasons:

To help you feel at home in the world

To help you totally accept yourself

To show you that you can let go of fear

To bring you to a place where you can feel forgiveness

To help you uncover your true hidden talent

To give you what you need to find true love

To help you become stronger

To help you discover the play in life

To show you how to live with a sense of mission

To help you become a truly good person


I really like how she broke it down into 10 reasons because I can relate & reflect. I really took a look at how my life has gone down and was able to SEE what I have gotten or haven’t gotten (yet) out of things that have happened to me.
Reading this was just a huuuuuge breath of fresh air when I was feeling like I was drowning.

Once I started looking at what happens to me as a way to become more ME instead of lost or confused , I felt immediately at ease. 

All I want is to be REAL & truly myself, I think that is when I’ll be the most happy. So any book or person that is going to help me get to that point is welcome and this book was certainly one I needed to hear.

As a person who used to not believe that good can come of bad things, I’m telling you that it’s the WORST way to look at something. We all deserve to be true to ourselves & to let nothing stand in our way of those 10 reasons.

Life will throw huge tidal waves to bring you where you need to be- it’s actually freaking beautiful if you think about it.

SUFFERING is the essence of LIFE.

Without some sort of suffering, how could we ever learn and appreciate ourselves and others?

I’m grateful I picked up this book & took some much needed TLC today. 

I hope you are enjoying your beautiful weekend.

Till next time!



We Are Actually Living In The Most Holy Time & Here’s Why:


This is still all so crazy to me, the fact that I feel the need to be SO open about my faith here, because a year ago you wouldn’t even know that I went to church on the regular and felt this way, I guess you could say I was still figuring everything out…

Today the goodness and love I feel is too strong not to share with you & moving mountains in my own life. So if I can share any part of my faith journey with you & you feel inspired by it I will be entirely fulfilled.

As some of you may know, I am a youth minister at my local church & it makes my life COMPLETE. I love to hangout with younger kids who are still in their “figuring-it-out-stage” & I also LOVE sharing my own life experiences and love for God to show these yougin’s that life is really not all that hard especially with FAITH & kindness in your heart.

Over the weekend I gave a talk about something I am VERY passionate about: my pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I went to Medjugorje in July of 2016 & my life was drastically changed- since then I have felt a huge urge to share my story and live my life for JESUS! I have also become healthier and happier in this time than I have ever been in my life.

Before I go on, take a look at my PROCLAIM here in the video below (if you haven’t read my post about my experience in Medjugorje maybe read THIS post first, then come back) :

Crazy, right?

I get not everyone may understand this 100% so if you have questions PLEASE ASK ME!

I just know that I have experienced some CRAZYYYY SHIZ and I feel the urge to share in such an intense time in the world.

I just feel like there is so much EVIL in our world and it is talked about on the DAILY!! Why are we not talking about the HOLINESS?

I’m just over it, I am over society shoving the evil down our throats & I’m speaking up about the HOLINESS that is going on.

The fact that we are having HUGE miracles going on every single day is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

If you feel a gaping hole in your life, all I’m saying is you may just be missing one this: LOVE. Love from the almighty. I promise you: NOTHING is more fulfilling that the love of God & what he can do for you & your life if you stay open.

If you have been looking for a SIGN in order to believe, consider it this, because I know God’s timing is perfect and he has placed your beautiful eyeballs here on this post at this perfect time because he LOVES you so much and needs you on his side.

I’m a huge believer that life is all about CHOICES. Choices are among us all day everyday and they are typically GOOD OR BAD. It really just all boils down to choices, positive and negative, good and bad, EVIL & HOLINESS.

REFUSE to get sucked into the BS and remember there is love & light inside of you DYING to come out and live your TRUE / authentic self.


The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s October 2, 2017 monthly message on the day for nonbelievers through Mirjana :


*Mirjana having an apparition with the blessed Mother*

“Dear children, I am speaking to you as a mother – with simple words, but words filled with much love and concern for my children who, through my Son, are entrusted to me. And my Son, who is of the eternal now, He is speaking to you with words of life and is sowing love in open hearts. Therefore, I am imploring you, apostles of my love, have open hearts always ready for mercy and forgiveness. According to my Son, always forgive your neighbors, because in that way peace will be in you. My children, care for your soul, because it alone is what truly belongs to you. You are forgetting the importance of family. A family does not need to be a place of suffering and pain, but a place of understanding and tenderness. Families who strive to live according to my Son live in mutual love. While He was still little, my Son would say to me that all people are His brothers. Therefore, remember, apostles of my love, that all people whom you meet are family to you – brothers according to my Son. My children, do not waste time thinking about the future, worrying. May your only concern be how to live well every moment according to my Son. And there it is – peace for you! My children, do not ever forget to pray for your shepherds. Pray that they can accept all people as their children; that, according to my Son, they may be spiritual fathers to them. Thank you!”


“We are in a time of not so much needing to reflect on the past, but rather to reflect on the future that is heading our way like a freight train”.


You Are Loved.


For more info on Medjugorje (like what in the world is this place!!!!??) & the pilgrimage group I went with + all of the recent messages click here


Thank you soooo much for reading!!!!!





Feed The Soul ~ Feel Good Remedies

Hello, hello.

CRAZY to me that we are finally into FALL.

I’m soo looking forward to cooler weather and the holidays.

I’ve basically started each morning this week with my pumpkin flavored shake just to celebrate OCTOBER (I know, I know #BASICWITCH)!

So far this year has been AMAZING. I became so passionate about health & fitness everyday (inspired by this very blog) that I started working at a gym & a nutrition club- which in return I have been able to provide more & more value to YOU!!

Once you start to focus on what you are really passionate about & what matters most all the B.S vanishes and you become LAZER FOCUSED. If you’d like me to go more in detail on this let me know because I have QUITE the stories to share!!

OK, ok , ok now getting into the post – the real reason why you are here ;).


Today I wanted to share something a little different.

We take care of the body by the foods we eat & the exercise we choose , let us not forget about our SOUL.

We have to take care of the SOUL too!

Soul, in & out of context, is already kind of confusing so let me clarify as best I can.

definition: the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

To me, the SOUL, is how you feel at your CORE/being.
Things that feed my soul is church, prayer, family time, the feeling after a hardcore workout, helping someone in need, being kind & getting out of my comfort zone.
I heard a quote earlier, in a Gary Vee post, that said something like, “you are 100% going to die, that should cut out bullshit and determine how you are going to act & treat other people with the time you have”.
DING DING DING ~ that is advice for people who don’t know how to feed their soul.
If you feel STRESSED, UNHAPPY, ANGRY OR MEAN you are most likely treating the people in your life like this, just because you are feeling this way which is only making you feel WORSE at your core/soul.
Take a STEP back if you start to feel these things & ask are you worrying about small things that don’t matter too much and forgetting what feeds your soul?
I check myself like this CONSTANTLY. 

Here are just a few things that may feed your soul..


  • F A M I L Y T I M E

When is the last time you sat with your family and gave them your UNDIVIDED attention (no phone, no tv)? When’s the last time you gave your mom, dad, bro sis a HUGE hug and just let them know you care for them? When is the last time you had a good BELLY laugh with them? Family time FEEDS THE SOUL.

If you don’t live near them, maybe send them a heartfelt text or face time. Letting your family know you care goes a long way.




If you are a millennial (born after 1982) there is a HIGH chance you are ADDICTED to your phone. Like, FOR REAL, addicted. So TRUST ME when I tell you I understand your pain!! However, it is soooo important we cut ourselves off from lurking and scrolling for an hour at a time – WHAT A WASTE (and even you Grandma, I know you are reading this, take a break from the facebook WALL)!!

Unless you are working/making money online or creating a business for yourself take a break from that life sucking screen and spend time doing something that feeds your soul!


Ahh, nothing feels better to me than spending time with my closest feel good friends (Feel good friends are people who are nice, drama free & good energies)! It doesn’t matter what you guys do or if you are outside or inside.

I prefer to laugh really hard and eat good food with my favorite people and it feeds my soul for WEEKS! My last feel good GIRLS NIGHT, my two good friends and I got together and made Frozé, pizza & had dark chocolate covered nuts! YUM. Frozé recipe was completely inspired by Lauryn Evarts – see here – ! YUM.

Dairy free pizza, veggie fries & FROZÉ (hayyyy)

All I am saying is to FEED YOUR SOUL.

Remember to enjoy the moments as they come & work on being the best YOU possible right then and there because that is PEACE.



So what is the last thing you did to feed your soul?

Let me know in the comments below. ❤





How To Have The Most Successful Home Workout

When you are about to workout at home you have to remember that you are probably in a time crunch. So the workout has to be QUICK but effective. Basically you have to be SURE you got the most out of the time, or else what’s the point?!

So how do you insure your workout is those things?



When I workout at home I do mostly bodyweight exercises (great for toning) so I don’t have to worry about a bunch of fancy equipment.

The truth is, we can do just fine without equipment!!

When i’m working out at home, lately, I just need my resistance bands and a kettle bell (I purchased both mine at TJ Maxx for super cheap).

The less equipment, the more FOCUS you have just on the workout.

When you have a few pieces of equipment you can jump from one exercise to the next quicker.

If you only have about 20-30 minutes it’s important to take little to NO breaks. Taking little breaks keeps your heart rate up and turning your at-home sesh into a cardio/fat burning workout.

When I workout at home I set a timer for 30 mins, pick a series of about 8 exercises and keep completing them until the 30 mins has elapsed.

When I finish, I am a sweaty mess & really sore the next day- WIN WIN.




  • 1 min Jump Rope
  • 15 push ups
  • 15 Alt. Side Lunges

Full Body Workout:

  • 15 Band Walks
  • 15 Banded Jump Squats
  • 15 Alt. Banded Bicep Curls
  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 Alt. Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press (my new favorite shoulder exercise)
  • 15 Alt. Kettlebell Clean & Press
  • 15 Alt. Band Donkey Kicks
  • 15 Alt. Band Shoulder raises

Cool Down:

*Stretch routine*



If you try this workout let me know how it goes below!!