Hello , hello ~

I felt it was time for another BEAUTY post.

I’ve talked about spray tanning & my makeup routine so far- you must check those out if you havent already. You must knowww I only talk about beauty topics that I’m very much into. For the most part I keep it all very simple.

A girl can pretty much rule the world with a good spray tan, honestly. But wait that’s not all…

I always thought a spray tan was all I needed- I was wrong.

Can we PLEASE talk about eyelash extensions??

& WHY have I never done them before?

I’m happy to say I finally did so & they have changed my life!!

Let me tell you all the details.

It’s not often that I SPOIL myself, really, unless it’s something that is TRULY going to change my life in a positive way (basically has to make me feel like a million bucks) or else it’s just really not worth my time (& MONEY).

I really have to justify even getting my nails done monthly, THANKFULLY the place I go to has AMAZING people who work there , which in return makes it worth it, I believe spending time with genuine people make anything worth it.


However, genuine people is kind of on topic because I went to BEUATY BY AVINA in Folsom & Avina is INCREDIBLE. Avina is absolutely the most genuine beauty guru I have ever met. WHO KNOWS (actually knows, face-to-face) A BEAUTY GURU WHO IS JUST SALES HUNGRY? Yea, exactly, Avina is special.

Let me just give you a quick visual before we go forward:



I found Avina through a close friend of mine who gets her lashes done on a regular basis & that’s how I originally judged her work. Since my friend’s lashes always look GREAT I kind of trusted this girl right off the bat. Avina had just moved back from LA about a month ago and I’M SO THANKFUL.



Please DO NOTTTTTT go find the first cheap place on Groupon. This is not something to be very cheap about. SAVE YOURSELF or save money but don’t get your lashes done in that situation & ruin your real lashes & walk away with a bad lash extension job (I’ve seen some gnarly ones).

If you go to an experienced and talented Esthetician you will have PERFECT lashes after your extentions.

MYTH : lash extentions ruin your real eyelashes.

Only if you go to a sketchy place with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing you will see an issue with your real lashes.

Eyelash extentions are perfect for the FIT GIRL who just doesn’t have the time aka running to the gym, running to work, running to school, running to grab her kids, etc etc etc.

I seriously never have time to get ready when I’m waking up at 4:30AM in the morning to make it to class on time. Eyelash extentions make it easy because they make your eyes pop and give an elusion that you have just a perfect amount of makeup on. WIN WIN.

I’m really into this eyelash trend & I think you should give it a try!!

If you are INTERESTED- Avina is offering $50 off to whoever mentions that they found her through my blog!!

Remember to treat yourself if it’s something that makes you feel CONFIDENT and ready to get things DONE.



Thanks for all the birthday love!!!!!!!

^^ @beautybyavina  


God Talks To Me & Wants Me To Tell You… [A New Series?]

I haven’t opened up about my faith life too much here on my blog & I’m starting to feel more & more called to do so.

I believe your mental strength is a HUGE part of fitness so I feel this fits VERY well.

I have mentioned that last year in October, I traveled to Medjugorje (if you haven’t read that post, click here, & then come back), there I learned SO MUCH about my religion, history of Jesus & the importance of being aware of Heaven & Hell. I truly started to fall in love with Jesus & my faith.

Since then I have SLOWLY made huge changes in my life- maybe that’s really why I haven’t brought up my faith life too much- because I’M STILL FIGURING IT OUT.

 I don’t ever want to be a hypocrite or make anyone reading my posts feel like I’m better than them because that is NOT what I’m trying to do.

So just know I’m slowly figuring it out. My whole life I have been Catholic, but just recently I’ve REALLY been a Catholic- if that makes sense.

When I got back from my pilgrimage (August 2016) I walked across the street (yep at the time I lived ACROSS THE STREET FROM CHURCH AND NEVER EVER WENT) & went right into the office to get some information on how I can volunteer or become involved/work with the church.

The exact time I walked into the office was the exact time the Youth Ministry was having a meeting about the upcoming year & long story short , they invited me on the team immediately (Gods timing is incredible). I knew in that moment that God has HUGE plans for me, I just have to take a little bit of action & invite him in.

I honestly did this for ME, I wanted to make sure when I got back from my pilgramage I didn’t go right back to exactly how I was living, I started to live my life differently and seek God’s plan for me just a little bit each and every day.

Since then, his plan for me is becoming stronger and stronger, sometimes I can barely take it (in a good way)! I FEEL myself being pulled in directions I never imagined, it’s weird because I CAN’T EVEN HELP IT. I’ve tried to resist it at times and I immediately get down on myself and feel guilt and depression almost.

It has been the hardest yet most rewarding journey since August 2016- I’ve managed to meet incredible people who lead me closer to Jesus almost everyday (hi Angels), I have been able to help many friends & family come to know God’s love as well & I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to get closer to my faith.

If I told you it was easy, I would be a LIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAR.

If I told you that I NEVER do anything wrong or sinful I would be an even BIGGER liar.

I just know one thing,

I feel God’s love everyday & see miracles which keeps going,

it keeps me strong

& it’s calling me to do something much bigger than my earthly life. The beautiful part about it is, I don’t even KNOW what it is yet & that’s OKAY.

Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure everything out.

Turn to God. He has a plan.

Thank you to Divine Savior Youth Ministry, for inviting me into your community and letting me share my own take on sharing God’s love & mercy!

The Divine Savior Youth Group & ministry recently traveled to the bay area and spent the weekend at a Steubenville conference, please take a look at the video I made if you’d like to feel inspired by the graces that surround us on a day-to-day basis!

Let me know if you like this new series, going to be talking about my faith life MUCH more here & hope to have your support.

Please reach out to me if you have been struggling with your own life & faith, God is in all of our lives whether you know it or not. xx

Love to you,


Are You Recovering Properly After You Work Out? Well, Ya need to. Here’s Why:

Recovery is KEY.

Really though, if you are going to put in all this work at the gym & not RECOVER properly you might as well just not go at all. Extreme? Probably, but it’s what I believe.

So what is recovery & why does it matter so much?

Recovery is how you are taking care of yourself after you work out.

Many people think that when the hard work is done they have nothing else to worry about…La ti Daaaa

UM, NO !

It’s so important to take care of your body properly, especially after working out, running, lifting or any sort of activity you do to get your body moving.


Think about it, our body needs FUEL all the time, so when we lift weights, run, or move around a ton our body starts to break down itself (muscles) so that they can rebuild stronger. In order to rebuild we must give our body the extra fuel it needs to build properly.

Notice I said extra? That means you need extra calories (PROTEIN) after a workout. Preferably in a DRINKABLE form. Having your post workout shake is VITAL!

Food takes nearly hours to completely process that by the time you eat, digest, metabolize and send the food where it needs to go your muscles have already been rebuilding for hours at that point.

Drinking your post workout meal is superior because it’s quicker than eating- it’s immediately sent into the blood stream/muscles where it needs to be.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to workout without my post workout shake.

Recovery doesn’t end there- WE NEED GOOD SLEEP AS WELL.

Shoot for 8 hours of good Zzz’s a night.

If you don’t get enough sleep your stress levels will be off the charts. Stress is the WORST thing for you health, stress can actually even cause WEIGHT GAIN. Ewwww.

Here are some tips to help you sleep:

  1.  Work out at night – it actually DOESN’T disrupt sleep as much as what once was thought according to Kelly G Baron, PhD (a sleep expert). Research shows that those who workout regularly get better sleep than those who don’t — so don’t skip the gym just because it’s “too late”, it can actually HELP you sleep!!
  2. Consume your MAGNESIUM. Not getting enough magnesium from your diet can lead to anxiety and insomnia (according to the USDA research) !!! Magnesium rich foods: almonds, spinach, soy milk & black beans. I also love this tea because it’s full of magnesium and puts you right to sleep or else I use supplements like Relax now & Sleep now , these products have magnesium and melatonin setting me up for the greatest sleep of my life!!
  3. Stop tracking your sleep. Talk about stressful!! Putting pressure on yourself to go to bed at a certain time is already bad & then waking up to see on your tracker you only had 5 hours of solid sleep is setting you up for failure. Forcing yourself to sleep isn’t always a good idea, that can actually just lead to insomnia! Do what works for you and gets you relaxed. Whether that be on your phone (light dimmed of course to prevent exposure to blue light which can ruin your sleep), reading a book, or watching Netflix on the couch– do what works for you.

Getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night can lower tension levels and help you drop pounds while poor sleep can raise your stress levels and make you crave bad food.


The last good tip for RECOVERING is to stretch & foam roll!

I just wrote a full post on my stretching routine and why it’s soooo important so go look here & I wont bore you again with the same details.

Another thing I LOVE to do when recovering my sore muscles is to hit a YOGA class.

Yoga poses are strategically created to better posture, stretch out your body while activating all muscles, improve digestion and even mood!

I always walk out of a yoga class feeling so refreshed and ALIVE (hellloooo endorphins).

Yoga does wonders for my mood, I can go in feeling ughhhh and know I will always leave a class feeling much more myself and grateful for everything in my life. You just HAVE to try.

I go to CorePower yoga in Fair Oaks- if you are in the area you must go try Niki M’s class, I interviewed her here, she’s so darling and will make you feel completely refreshed every time.

 -Yoga essentials: Mat, comfortable clothes (no shoes necessary) & a HUGE jug of water –

I found some awesome mats through this site because they are all about helping you find ECO friendly mats that are comfortable, durable & a good price- there is nothing worse than having a yoga mat fall apart on you in the first month (trust me- from experience) !!

It’s SO important that you RECOVER properly. It’s easy to not see any results if you aren’t recovering like you should.

Your work isn’t done after you hit the gym. There is so much more that goes into living a healthy lifestyle- please take care of yourself.


Snapchat UN: haileyadnama

Talk to you guys soon,

I’m off to take a yoga class with Niki!



1 Simple Mistake You Might Be Making That Can Be Keeping You From Your Goals

We live in an INSTANT culture. We want things now & perhaps even delivered.

Living in an instant culture makes it hard to practice patience. Progress takes TIME which is exactly why I think people give up on themselves too quickly.

I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. Yeah that’s right, i’m talking to you– I think you are too hard on yourself.

Honestly I think we are all a little too hard on ourselves, myself included- I am so hard on myself that I sometimes drive myself insane!!

We can be our own BIGGEST enemy. I mean, think about it, we are in our own head all day long- from the moment we roll out of bed, just talking to ourselves, THEN to make matters worse we hop on our social media feed and look at the highlight realm of others lives *uuuugggghhhhhhh*.

We are making things much harder for ourselves & it’s important to keep things SIMPLE.


Especially, self improvement.

If you are talking badly to yourself all day, you’re losing at everything.

If you have a goal for yourself to look a certain way, lose a certain amount of weight or feel better you HAVE to believe in yourself.

Stop telling yourself you “CAN’T” do something- because then you never will & that will suck.

When you tell yourself you can (even if you “can’t” do it at the moment) your likelihood of doing whatever it is is HIGHHHH.

With that being said, PLZ note that self positivity is the #1 thing you should be focusing on when trying to achieve a goal.

You want to get fit?

Well you better BELIEVE you can with every ounce of your being.

I HATTTTTEEEEEEEE when I hear people say “this is too hard” or “I can’t do that because..” BULL CRAP. You can do whatever you want! If you “can’t” do something at this very moment then that doesn’t mean you wont EVER- you have to TRY your best now so you can become stronger. If you don’t try then you just really don’t CARE to, it’s not that you “can’t”.

1st mistake you are making when it comes to achieving your goals is thinking you CAN’T.

Start thinking in terms of YOU CAN

& you will be on your way to the top.


Here are some POSITIVE feeling boosters you can do everyday to keep your self love on HIGH.



The more time you spend outside, the happier you will be. We weren’t created to be cooped up inside all day, it truly takes away from our natural feelings and can be very depressing so get outside !! Get a outside workout in, have dinner outside, sit poolside, whatever gets you out!


The more “happy hormones” you create, the better you will feel. Studies show that just 10 minutes on the stairs promotes brain release of neurotransmitters (DOPAMINE) promoting feelings of energy!! So you don’t actually need that 2nd Venti latte from Starbucks to give you energy, you really just need to GET MOVING. Work smarter, not harder.

Get Enough Sleep

The last thing you need is extra stress, and that’s exactly what being sleep deprived does to you- releases cortisol. Shoot for 8 hours of shut eye A NIGHT to feel your BEST.

Tips to getting good sleep? Try working out later in the day, reading a book 30 mins before bed versus lurking on social media & CALM TEA (magnesium tea).



Keep it simple guys.

Stay active, positive & happy.


Talk to you soon- i’m off to drink some magnesium tea and get my 8 hrs of sleep!!



Passion: What does it really mean to be passionate about something?

Chances are either you or someone you know is extremely PASSIONATE about something.

I’m sure you or that person have said something like, “I’ve found my passion” or “I’m so passionate about  ________”.


What does it really mean to be passionate about something?

Or what does it feel like?

What if you haven’t found your passion yet? 

How do you find your passion?

Let’s get into it.

I feel very inspired to write about this because of a recent conversation I had.

One of my clients asked me, “When did you get so involved in fitness?”. For whatever reason this question kind of threw me off. Like I STILL to this day don’t think I am all that into fitness. I feel as though I still have so much education, practice & life to live to really be all in. Does that make sense?

Anyways, as I was telling my client how I got involved into becoming a nutritionist and personal trainer I realized that I kind of AM all about fitness. I am making a career out of fitness and loving every minute of it, I love helping others feel like the best version of themselves, I love waking up early to go train & I love talking about nutrition to people who have no idea where to start when it comes to eating healthy.

So am I passionate about what I do?


You know you’re passionate when what you do doesn’t feel like work. 

I knew something in the health field was going to be my thing when I was sitting in my nutrition and health classes (which by-the-way please note that school is NOT my thing- I absolutely despise it) and hanging off the edge of my seat because I couldn’t get ENOUGH information, I love learning about the body and the way that foods effect us. 

If you are passionate about something you HAVE to know exactly what I’m talking about- even if nutrition isn’t your thing- passion is universal.

Now if you haven’t found your passion, you probably think I am a crazy person who is happy all of the time 24-7…Not true.

Just because you love what you do doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with other PEOPLE anymore & there you go, no explanation needed there. HA. 

Ahh , but really, if only we could control others, right?

Which brings me to a question to the people who haven’t found their passion: what is stopping you from finding your passion?

Are you working in a job you hate just for the money? Are you doing something you don’t feel comfortable doing because of the pressure from your family & friends? Do you just simply NOT KNOW what you like?

Guess what? Friends, peers & family are going to judge you no matter what (maybe not even in a bad way) so do what it is you want. This is YOUR life. The opportunity that comes flying in your life the moment you say YES to the life you want to live is a beautiful thing you MUST experience.

Once you stop caring what everyone else thinks and tune in on YOU only, guess what, your passion can expose itself- HELLOOOOO PASSION.

You have to be in a space of complete self awareness in order to figure out your passion or your “thing”, which means you can’t think about anyone elses opinion- it will throw you completely off track.

Stay in your own lane & figure out how you were born to stand out.

Everyone is meant to be passionate about something, I truly believe if we all had found our passion and did what we loved all day long we would be living in a much healthier, happier & loving world…ya know? Frolicking around singing together…? Definitley not crashing cars through crowds of people.

So I guess what I’m saying is


We need more passionate people. Why not you?










Excuses Are BULL! Functional Fitness From The Eyes Of One Of My Clients

I’m VERY passionate about what I do. I make sure that the content I’m sharing with people is valuable & I always insure whatever I spend my time doing is worth it & something I truly LOVE.

I teach my favorite kind of workouts: HIIT Functional Training at Fitness Evolution & I get to meet incredible people everyday that are trying to better themselves.

I enjoy being in this environment so much because I did NOT have motivating people around me for A LONG portion of my life.

Being in a gym gives me so much energy and life because of the people I get to train– they are all from such different walks of life and they all have their own personal “WHY” which gives me even more passion to help them pursue their goals.

No one who walks in the doors of a gym is there just to look good naked. There is SO MUCH MORE & that is what I strive to understand in all of my clients.

You’ve heard me brag about HIIT & Functional Training many times, but to hear it from one of the amazing people in my class is a whoooooole other view point!

One of my clients, Glenn Spillman, is AWESOME (everyone in my class is). Glenn writes for .

He recently dedicated a whole entire post about the classes I teach at Fitness Evolution & it just really made me so grateful for the people I get to work with everyday.

When I know that some of the things I share inspire people to do better, I KNOW I am in the right place and doing the right thing- Ah my passion is paying off!



I wanted to share with you what Glenn had to say because it’s pretty freaking AMAZING.


“When it comes to most people and fitness, what is the single most reason why they don’t either start, or finish a program? Well, there are literally a hundred things that “keep” people from a fitness regime, but what do they all have in common? They are all EXCUSES!! I have heard them all, and to tell you the truth…just like the title of the article says, all Bull#%*!.

Last week I started a group boot camp style exercise program. I went, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Each time I went, I was sucking wind 10 minutes into an hour long routine, but did I quit? No I did not. I was freakin sore after the first workout, but I went back the following day. I could have easily used a plethora of excuses as to why I shouldn’t return, but I didn’t. You see, when people make excuses, they are just setting themselves up to fail, not only in life, but for their health as well. It’s easy to make an excuse, but then one day turns into two, then a week, then a month, then before you know it, the new year rolls around and you are making the same stupid resolutions. These are resolutions that people what?…..oh yeah…make freakin excuses as to why they can’t finish them. Well, I made no freakin excuses last week, and guess what? I lost five pounds! I kept doing the classes, but most of all, I completely changed my eating habits for the better. I went back to class today and it was just slightly easier in some cases and harder in others, but I kept pushing through. Hell, you can’t quit when you have a coach like Amanda Weitzel screaming at you, “don’t quit,” “Just 20 more seconds.” etc.

Amanda doesn’t allow excuses in her group boot camp style class. If you can’t do a certain exercise, she will modify it for you. If you are to tired to go on, she will give you the encouragement to push that extra few seconds. Once class “torture” (just kidding) is done, we stretch for about 10 minutes or so, get our heart rate down, and at the end of it all, Coach Amanda gives us a mantra to use throughout the rest of our day. At the end of todays class, the title of this article was inspired by something coach Amanda said.

You see, when you make excuses for not exercising, you are just slowly killing yourself, with mentally and physically. Exercise isn’t all about meatheads in the gym, screaming and throwing around weights. Coach Amanda’s exercise class is all about heart health, mental health, and over all body health. She does in fact take you through a gauntlet of exercises, and each day is different. But, at the end of the class, you have more clarity about why excuses are the bile that seeps through your brain caverns; and how they can ruin your life. Riddle me this my friends…….do you make an excuse not to eat that cake, not to have that next beer, not to go to McDonalds and order a 10 piece Nugget and two Big Macs? (Yes Patrick I am talking to you). Do you make an excuse not to take that free delicious cookie at Starbuck when they are walking around handing them out like crack? NO YOU DON”T! You don’t even give it a second thought, you just do it. Well, if you put as much effort in giving yourself reasons to exercise rather than giving yourself excuses not to, then your life will be better off.

I encourage everyone to go to and check out coach Amanda’s site. She has fit tips on there, nutrition advice, and several other subject matters that I feel you would find very interesting. The other day she mentioned how just one beer stays in your liver for a full 24 hours. Something you beer lovers didn’t think about now did you? I will actually be doing an article on that very subject next week.

It has only been one week and I went from 257 to 252 and I feel great. I don’t have to suck in my stomach when I bend over to tie my shoes. I feel better about myself, and what validates it is when the barista at Starbucks said to me today, “hey, have you lost weight?” Yes…when someone that has absolutely nothing to gain by saying that, asks me that question, I feel like a million bucks. Ask yourself this question…..are excuses worth your health, are excuses worth dying ten years earlier, and are excuses worth being depressed because of the way you look and feel. Last thing I want you all to ponder…….what will you look like a year from now when you gained 25 pounds of FAT!? Well, if you keep eating like crap and making those bull#%*! excuses, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Just a half a pound of fat per week is 25 pounds in a year. Now, flip that around….what will you look like a year from now when you have lost 25 pounds?

Quit with the excuses people and get your arse into an exercise group. If you can’t make it to coach Amanda’s class, then find somewhere that you can. Don’t be full of bull#%*!….get rid of those excuses!!”



UMMMMM- Isn’t he COOL?

It’s so amazing to be around such passionate people.

Check out his site here.

If you are interested in joining our Functional Fitness Family, it’s FREE to try & only $5 to join this THURSDAY 8/17.

 Talk soon.






Am I right?

Lately, I have been working out so hard & coaching full time so my stretching & yoga routine has been put on hold. As a result, I have been suffering from back pain, headaches, neck pain & just a whole lot of STRESS (can I say MOOOOOOOODY? Sorry to my bf lol).

I can’t even workout when I am feeling this tight because I know it can only do more harm than good. So today I decided to dedicate ONE whole hour to stretching. Obviously 1 hour can be excessive for a lot of people but because of how much I was suffering I NEEDED it.

-Invest time in your health, that’s all I’m saying-

After the full hour of stretching I felt like a WEIGHT had been lifted from my body. I felt the endorphins flowing, muscles loosened up & my stress was GONE. It was HEAVEN, truly.

Immediately I thought, WHY am I not doing this routine everyday?

I decided I was going to implement this routine AT LEAST once everyday or even twice a day.

You can stretch before or after a workout or just on a rest day (IF you want to feel like a million bucks).

I challenge you to stretch everyday!!

Even if it is just 5 mins, get that body movin’.

If you suffer from any sort of pain in your low back, hips, I.T band, hamstrings or more it may be due to just being TIGHT.

Work smarter, not harder.

Take care of your body- we are humans that were MADE to move.

Here is the exact stretching routine I will be implementing, you guys HAVE to try– it’s INSANE:

(All you need is a foam roller, lacrosse ball & a chair)


Let me know if you tried this & how you like.




How To Get Serious And See Results • Protein, Workouts, Supplements, Finding A Coach & more 〰

I’ll be the first to admit my life is NOT perfect.

Just because I talk about Nutrition & Fitness all day does not mean I’m perfect and only eat spinach and salmon.

I don’t like to workout everyday- I just don’t.

I also LOVE to have a breakfast Bearclaw (more like 3) paired with some Halo Top ice cream once in a while, what can I say?

The good news is, being healthy doesn’t mean you have to workout 7 days a week & can’t have foods you crave.

Being healthy is a LIFE LONG JOURNEY.

Seriously- the best things in life DO NOT happen quickly.

Being fit & healthy takes time, practice, effort, lots of support from the community you are in & personal confidence!

I have tried SO MANY different diets, fads and workouts to stay active and eat well & I am just now finding things that really work. It’s exhausting! I totally get why people give up easily.
I get soooo many questions everyday about the “right” foods to eat and how many days a week to workout.

The answer is YOURS. I can only give you information, you must decide what will work best in your life.
Today I am breaking down quite a lot of information that may help you along in your health journey.
I’m talking about:

⭐️ How Much Protein You Need To Maintain & Gain Muscle, 1:38

⭐️How To Speed up Your Metabolism, 3:04

⭐️ Workouts That Burn Fat & Help You Function On A Daily Basis, 5:18

⭐️ Supplements I use, 10:00

⭐️ How I Can Coach You Along Your Journey, 14:00

Sound good?

Take what you will from this post today. Don’t think you need to drop everything you are doing cold turkey and try and be perfect going forward because that is NOT something you will be able to maintain.

My goal here at GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS.COM is to help you achieve a healthy LIFESTYLE. 💚 This is no diet or fad- this is longterm wellness that I would love for you to enjoy fully.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns:

💚 Please comment below or email me at 💚


I’m off to go eat some Cookies & Cream Halo Top ice cream!! Happy Friday.





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Quick Tips On Speeding your Metabolism, Feeling more motivated & Meal Prepping 

I started this post off with a picture of my adorable new pupper- Rocco. Firstly, because why not?

Mostly though, I wanted you to have a better understanding of my current situation: I’m on my over sized couch with little baby Rocco cuddled next to me in a tight little ball while I ferociously type away on my I-phone 6+ because my computer charger BROKE (no problem though, Amazon prime to the rescue any day now).

Ahh, this day already seems like it’s going to be just what I needed after a long week. I hope you are also having a relaxing day sometime this week ’cause GOLLY, we all need one.

So, getting on to the point of this post, I’ve talked to SO MANY young women in the past month when I give nutrition consultations.

I find that pretty much everyone truly WANTS to be healthy with a burning desire & just don’t even know where to start or even lack motivation.

It inspired me to write this post because I feel like with just a few tips you might be more motivated to start feeling your best. 💚

First of all, our body is made up of BILLIONS of cells that create every thought we think & move we make. Those same very cells are fueled by the food we eat. Therefore, if you are eating fast food, white starchy carbs, ” whole wheat” bread, dark meat, lots of sugary foods, foods with preservatives and such then that CRAP food is what is fueling your cells and making you feel run down and lacking of all motivation.

Would you fill your car up with gas that made it run slower??

Then why do you feed yourself foods that make you think & perform much slower??

I haven’t always ate foods that made me feel good, trust me.

However, once I did started eating the right foods my thinking became more clear, my body felt much lighter & I was instantly more motivated in every aspect of my life.

So the question is: What foods are FEEL good and what foods are making me feel bad?

Foods to IMMEDIATELY cut out:

  • Soda (More than your daily need of sugar, strips bones of calcium)
  • Energy Drinks (Full of preservatives)
  • Drinks with Aspartame (Linked to headaches and cancer)
  • Any food with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS is stored as fat in the body because we cannot recognize it)
  • Wheat / White Breads (Empty calories with no nutritional value)
  • White Carbs (Empty calories with no nutritional value)
  • Dark meat (Causes bloating / very hard to digest)


Foods to eat more of:

  • Veggies (lunch and dinner should be 1/2 of your plate veggies)
  • Healthy Carbs (nothing white)
  • Lean Meat/Protein (Fish, ground turkey, chicken breast, lentils, Tofu)
  • Fruit (before lunch)
  • Clean supplements (vitamins & protein)


(meal prep by one of my clients)




  • Consume your body weight in grams of protein if you want to gain muscle
  • Consume your lean muscle mass in grams of protein to maintain
  • In order to lose fat you need to speed up your metabolism
  • Stop skipping meals, eat frequently
  • Eat protein with every meal and snack
  • Always bring water with you/Keep drinking water

Speed up your metabolism:

  • Eat no later than 30 mins from waking up ( I love starting my day with a high protein smoothie)
  • Drink tea twice a day (last time I checked coffee did not have as much antioxidants as tea does)
  • Eat every 3 hours
  • Drink water (take your body weight and divide it by 2, that is how many ounces you should be drinking daily)
  • All snacks and meals should be high in protein 10-15g for snacks, 20-25g for meals


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Healthy Food List: Sprouts Grocery Haul

If I can scream anything from the rooftops and everyone would hear it would be:


Remember it, write it down, stare at it until it embeds in your brain and you understand it with all of your heart.

If you are killing yourself in the gym on a daily basis and seeing LITTLE results ask yourself, wtf am I eating?

I highly recommend writing everything you eat in a day down in a journal and checking all the ingredients / nutrition facts as well. Just ONE DAY. See how eye opening it is.

Grocery shopping is honestly one of my most favorite things to do. I especially LOVE Sprouts.

Sprouts is a natural foods store just a few miles away from my apartment. I feel like they carry EVERYTHING. Fresh, organic produce, fruit and meat. Sprouts also carries my favorite nut milks, kombucha, Ezekiel bread, MCT oil, trail mix’s, I can go on and on and on

I thought I would share with you my STAPLES.

High protein, nutrient dense snacks that keep me full for HOURS and feeling good.

Also, please share with me your GO-TO foods you have weekly!



Fruit is an awesome snack…for the MORNING TIME. Fruit is pure sugar– 100% fructose– spiking your insulin up super high (which is fine if you burn it off right away). Eating fruit gives you really quick energy & if you are not burning it off right away it will make you crash and crave bad foods. My tip: cut sugar off after lunch and save yourself the worries of crashing and craving.

  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes

I usually just get 1-2 different fruits or else the rest will go bad.


Protein Snacks:

-Specifically from sprouts-

  • Ezekiel Cereal + Silk Protein Milk (19g protein)
  • Apples + Peanut Butter (10g protein)
  • Tofurky Deli Slices (SO GOOD/VEGAN) + Kashi Sea Salt Crackers (16g protein)
  • Organic Chicken Bone Broth (9g protein)
  • A good trail mix (Almonds, Cashwes, Walnuts) <6g protein

Think HIGH PROTEIN when it comes to snacks if you want to feel full (I shoot for no less than 10-20g protein each snack). Protein is what is going to help you feel full, feed your lean muscle mass, grow stronger, & FEEL GOOD.


  • Qunioa
  • Brown Rice
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cous-Cous
  • Chicken Breast
  • Lentil Pasta
  • Ground Turkey
  • Fish
  • Frozen Veggies

Lunch & Dinner need to be PERFECTLY balanced. A perfect plate has 1/2 veggies (any you want), 1/4 LEAN PROTEIN (no dark meat), 1/4 healthy carbs (nothing starchy and white). This will provide all the protein, nutrients and minerals you need!




How would you rate your eating habits on a scale of 1-10?

If you need help- let me know!

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